We offer our customers overall solutions. This means that we take responsibility for the entire chain of production from approved drawing up to finished composite product.

One of the major benefits of composite is the freedom to design a product just as you want it. We can create special profiles, configurations and curved surfaces that are difficult to achieve with other types of material. The very high precision in our tools means that we also produce end products with an exceptional finish. For example, using a colour-matched gelcoat in the surface laminate produces a product that is coloured throughout and which does not need to be painted.

Another major benefit of composite is that items such as beams and reinforcements can be included as early as during casting. Everything is in place when the composite part is manufactured, and no gluing or finishing is required. Everything is possible – with knowledge and advanced production methods.



If you want to produce a new product in composite there is a lot to consider. What can the component weigh? How strong does the material need to be? Thickness? Which type of surface is desirable? If you bring us in at an early stage, preferably at the development stage of a new product, we can arrive at the best solution together. For example, we can help you to adapt the drawing so that the production process is as cost-effective as possible.


Our production starts when we receive a finished CAD drawing from you. We use this to mill a plug, what is known as a master. The plug is machined with the greatest precision, after which one female and one male mould are produced. These are the two moulds which constitute the basis for manufacturing your composite product. It is also the reason why we put such care into ensuring the moulds have the highest possible finish – and thereby the composite material.


We offer our customers overall solutions. This means that we take responsibility for the entire chain of production from approved drawing up to finished composite product. For your part it means that we can assemble the fittings, components and cables that the finished composite part should have. The result is a finished product which can go directly into your production. In our large 2,200 m2 assembly shop, we perform final assembly of everything from small composite components to ambulance bodies.


Smooth and secure deliveries are our distinguishing feature. Having a large plant and flexible production means that we can offer very reliable delivery times. Furthermore, our quality management runs like a thread through the entire operation; from receiving drawings to delivering the finished composite component to the customer.



The basis of functional form. First, the design is adapted so that the detail gets the best possible performance in relation to the cost. An original model is milled forward with high precision. Then we manufacture mold tools with high quality and tight tolerances.


The new tools are carefully processed – so that the finished part has a high finish – and treated with release agents. The mold is then sprayed with the selected gelcoat quality.


When the paint layer has hardened, we lay out the selected combination of different fibers and other types of reinforcements.


The mold halves are locked together and the temperature is regulated. Then the thermoset material which is the core of the composite structure is injected. After the material combination has hardened, the mold halves are removed.


The edges of the part and any holes are cut clean with the help of a water jet robot. Then the equipment and fittings are installed to complete the product. Finally, additional components are glued or screwed on.


Quality review. Finally, the detail is inspected and checked. After approval, the product can be packaged and delivered to the customer.

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