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A great deal has happened since the Faiber company started operations in a small basement premises in Kinnahult in 1981. Both in terms of our company and the materials and techniques we utilise. What started with manufacture of items ranging from motorcycle fairings and bodies to buggy cars, soon developed into subcontract production for Swedish industrial companies. In the late-1980s we had our own production plant built in Skene. The premises have subsequently been extended and adapted to our needs. Today we work in an efficient and highly flexible production plant, which is easy to adapt for different types of composite products and varying runs.

At the cutting edge of technology

Technology is close to our heart. New technology and development has consequently always occupied a central position in our enterprise. This means that we have always been early to introduce, and further develop, new manufacturing methods. One example of this is that we started the development  of closed processes in our manufacturing as early as the late-1980s. Today over 97% of our composite components are manufactured using injection technology. Our advanced production methods and careful selection of materials enables us to supply top quality composite products. The closed manufacturing process also means that we have a good working environment and can minimise emissions from our factory.

From small precision-cut components to really large ones

Over the years a large number of different components have been manufactured and delivered to satisfied customers both inside and outside Sweden. Everything from car fenders, boat hulls and advanced enclosures for prototypes, slides and ambulance bodies. The fact is that we manufacture everything from small semi-finished composite components to really large products which also include assembly work.

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